The Venetian in Las Vegas

Microsoft Mix ’07 and IndiMix ’06

Recently Microsoft announced Mix ’07 – the conference for web developers, designers and business professionals. It is around April end 2007 in Las Vegas and as of now, I am planning to attend it.

I was there in last year event (Mix ’06) and it was big fun. The event had good technologies talked like Atlas, AJAX, Mash-ups, WPF & MOSS 2007. For a relief, the event was not Microsoft only affair. It had good participation from other new age web companies like Yahoo & Amazon. This gave the event a good breadth of topics and speakers. I also liked the format and restriction to few hundred participants.

The canals in the venetian
The canals in the venetian
Cashout Voucher - The Venetian
Cashout Voucher – The Venetian
With Patrick Stewart - Wax Model
With Patrick Stewart – Wax Model

This week in Mumbai a version of the event (IndiMix ’06) is being conducted on 9th Nov. You can watch the live webcast or register for the event free here. If you happen to be there, say a “hello” to me.