Gorilla (கொரில்லா)  starring JiivaShalini Pandey (of Arjun Reddy fame) & Satish is a bank robbery film that goes wrong on all levels. I should’ve known better as the Director Don Sandy‘s earlier film Mahabalipuram (2015) was equally poor.

Gorilla (2019) had built-up hype with the news that a Chimpanzee is acting in the film and I was expecting some thrilling moments with the ape helping in the robbery, instead, the chimpanzee does a few irritating missteps and that’s all – an excellent opportunity that was thrown away. Another wasted resource was actress Shalini Pandey who has been given little scope and not even a proper duet-song.

Gorillas are dangerous, so stay from them and this film too!

Gorilla (2019) -

Gorilla (2019) – Jiiva and Shalini Pandey 

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