Plaxo – Access your outlook contacts anywhere

After been hearing about service for several years; ignoring tons of update requests I keep getting from my contacts using Plaxo – finally two weeks before I have started using Plaxo. The main value I saw in the free service – was that by installing the Plaxo Toolbar in my outlook, I can sync up all my contacts, calendar, tasks and notes and access them anytime by logging into using a web browser.

Most of the time I work late hours, so after a long day don’t feel like carrying my Laptop home – but in the morning when I need a contact detail to quickly send an email and I don’t always have my mobile phone synced. Plaxo’s service is perfect for that need and also it also doubles up as a good back-up facility. If you have multiple machines – Plaxo can be used to sync the contact/calendar details between them as well. Apart from this the Outlook toolbar adds some nice goodies like duplicate finder/remover, etc.

Though Plaxo is not a killer app (or) a new innovation, it is certainly worth to keep. I am curious on how effectively this feature set will be met by Windows/Office Live offerings. I will be watching the space, will update here once Windows/Office Live gets released.