Two weeks back I was in New Delhi for attending W3C India’s Office inauguration function. It feels good that finally W3C has an office in India which gives more ways for Indian Company’s and Indian Talents to now have a say on how the WWW is run.

It was a two day conference where eminent speakers were invited to speak, I was eagerly look forward to an exciting round of technical discussions and deliberations. Unfortunately the time alloted to each speaker was 15 minutes and even in that they were asked to cut few minutes due to time overrun. I don’t understand the point in inviting good speakers and experienced people from the industry and giving them only 15 minutes – it makes you wonder whether the organizers felt that the speakers don’t have anything worth to talk beyond this time limit!. It was advertised prominently that Sir Tim-Berners Lee (The father of Web) will address the gathering and it turned out that he did that through a recorded DVD Video. To play a DVD file the organizers (from Govt. Of India’s C-DAC, Noida Office) took nearly 15 minutes!. Having spend for the flight ticket and travel (Chennai-Delhi-Chennai) these made the event a washout for me.

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