If there is one tech bulletin that I don’t miss everyday, then that is reading “The Register” of UK. Though there are hundreds (if not thousands) of tech websites and newsletters, what really differentiates The Register, is its:

  • Selection of news that it features
  • No nonsense design of its daily email
  • Writing style of stories – Straight, Crisp & to a large extend un-biased

In today’s bulletin Register talked about VMWare’s ACE Solution – which it describes as a Software in a Can. The idea seems to be that when you distribute an application, you bundle a managed OS along with it. Definitely Interesting!. I am going to download the eval and give it a Spin, will come back with notes on how it went.

After I posted the above, Sriram V has pointed out in his comments about Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 Migration Toolkit (VSMT) supporting similar (if not exact) features. Let me try that as well.

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