Taana (2020) starring Vaibhav, Nandita Swetha and Yogibabu is a comedy film, that fails at every level. It is about a youngster wanting to join the police force and is unable to do so due to an ’embarrassing’ health issue.

Shakti (Vaibhav) hails from a family of policemen with his great-grandfather being worshipped as a village deity for saving the villagers from murderous pirates during the British times. Unfortunately, Shakti is unable to join the police force due to his voice turning feminine whenever he gets angry, excited, or emotional. Though he excels in sports and is smart, due to his voice he gets ridiculed by people around him.

The above is a nice plot to have for a comedy film to exploit. Sadly, Director Yuvaraj Subramani has used it only to generate sympathy and not humour. And the female voice used for Vaibhav was not in sync and irritating. Add to it, the screenplay abruptly turns a comedy movie into a thriller one with the hero suddenly becoming a detective and solving the case within a few minutes in the climax. There was no correlation anywhere.

Even, the actor Vaibhav who was sitting in the front row to me at Palazzo Cinemas left immediately after the interval! But to help my blog readers, I stayed till the end.

P.S.: I was just joking about Vaibhav leaving early for it was an uninteresting movie. He did sit in the row before me, but he left early to avoid crowd attention after the show!

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