• Chennai

    The Egmore Museum, Chennai

    The Government Museum, Chennai is a must place to go if you are in the city – till a few years ago, it was maintained poorly, but thanks to Government initiatives and capable officers, nowadays it is looking better. The museum is spread across six buildings and it houses a variety of galleries – Archaeology, Zoology, Numismatics, Natural History, Bronze, Paintings, Children, Culture, Music and more. Started in 1851, it is the second oldest museum in India after the Indian Museum in Kolkata. You can check out the posts on my earlier visits to the museum in 2010 and 2014. The entry ticket is ₹30 and the ticket for using your…

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    The 100 years show

    “Carmen Herrera is very possibly the oldest contemporary artist working today. What is extraordinary about Herrera is that ‘commercial success’ did not come until the early 2000s — after seven decades as an artist…” — Christie’s, 2014 The 100 years show is a truly inspirational story that shows – success may take time but it will come. Carmen Herrera is a contemporary artist hailing from Cuba, the recognition for her work came only in the 2000s when she was nearly 90 years old – a whole seven decades after she started painting. At 102, she still paints every single day. She says she loves straight lines and geometrical shapes. Her…

  • Chennai

    Simple Sketches of Thirukkural

    Madras Literary Society had hosted today an exhibition on Thirukkural (திருக்குறள்). Mr Dhanasekaran Muthu who is an eminent architect hailing from Thanjavur had drawn simple sketches for each of the 1330 Thirukkural couplets by classical Tamil Poet Thiruvalluvar. The sketches were exhibited around the library, it was interesting to go around seeing the exhibits. Thank you Mr Dhanasekaran for making Thirukkural easier to approach for today’s kids, my son loved seeing and reading them.

  • Movie Review

    Tim’s Vermeer (2013)

    A friend of mine living in Amsterdam recommended I watch this documentary “Tim’s Vermeer“. It turned out to be a good movie experience. After the movie I am left with questions on what’s art, what’s technology and is there a line dividing them? The movie is about a research on how  famous Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer could have painted such photo realistic paintings in early 17th century. The lighting and shades in his paintings and the details were unbelievable. The accuracy was unseen in any of Vermeer’s contemporary artists.  The research work was a personal obsession of a wealthy video engineer in Texas by name “Tim Jenison” who was founder…

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    Beautiful floor tiles in Central Market, Kuala Lumpur

    I have noticed that countries with Islamic cultural influences tend to have beautiful patterns on their floor tiles. You can see these tiles not only in palaces or star hotels but in common pedestrian settings as well – in roads, malls, museums & pavements. Today while in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) I went to Central Market for some window shopping, I ended up buying a Batik shirt, but that is, for a different post. There are two levels in Central Market, where you get many art and craft items. While climbing the stairs (there are at least 4 of them at each side) to the second level, I noticed beautiful designs…