Seeing the world around us, most of us would’ve thought what the world will be if it was led by the best of the best – a world designed and run by the most qualified scientists, innovators, inventors and the like. Disney’s Tomorrowland (2015) is supposed to be about such a world, instead, it comes out as an Alice in the Wonderland version of Terminator.

Casey Newton is a smart girl who is worried about the future after NASA decommissions a launch pad near her house, one day she gets a Pin that was given during 1964 New York World’s Fair, touching the Pin she is transported a futuristic world. Getting curious, she learns about a world built by the elite that exists only in an alternate world. Using this knowledge how Casey saves our own world from doomsday is the story. I was expecting to see a lot of futuristic technology, instead, it was all Disneyland stuff.

Tomorrowland, Directed by Brad Bird
Tomorrowland, Directed by Brad Bird

The main casts – George Clooney as a gifted inventor, Britt Robertson as Casey Newton and Raffey Cassidy as Athena Robot have done their respective roles well.

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  1. Asokan Pichai Reply

    How did you forget to mention Hugh Laurie (Dr House fame) in the cast?

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