Tamil cinema has a poor track record when it comes to making a successor to a super-hit film. Surprisingly, Director Karthik Subbaraj succeeded by making a film that was as good as the first, Jigarthanda (2014). Like the first, Jigarthanda DoubleX is a gangster-cinema story but made as a period film. S J Suryah has delivered a phenomenal performance which is not new, but the actor inside Raghava Lawrence coming out was a pleasant surprise. Overall, Double X is double the fun, check it out. Mangoidiots rates it as a Ripe.

For a film to be successful, apart from the leads, the supporting characters should leave an impression too. Here the roles played by Nimisha Sajayan, Sathyan, and the villain character played by Naveen Chandra were memorable making it holistic. The story starts with a familiar pattern of rivalry in politics, supported by gangsterism and corrupt police. But, the contrast between the characters played by S J Suryah and Raghava Lawrence makes it a delight to watch. Between the two, we can’t make out who is the hero, the characters have been so finely developed by the director.

At 172 minutes it was a long film, but nowhere we are made to feel that. When the story travels to the hilly forest areas in the second half we feel we are watching an entirely different film, but it all came nicely together at the climax. Go for this film. Enjoy and have a wonderful Deepavali 2023.

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