There are some films that you know you shouldn’t be liking, but you are not able to say is bad.  Kattappava Kanom (2017) is one such film and it suffers from a slow storytelling pace. After 15 minutes of the film, my mind had gone to battery-safe mode, yet I was chuckling at a few scenes as if it was a feather-weight story.

“Bad luck” Pandi (Sibiraj) is called so by his own father as any business Pandi touches ends up failing badly. Pandi meets Meena (Aishwarya Rajesh), his sister’s friend in a pub over a drink, they fall in love and get married. A local don Vanjaram (Mime Gopi) finds his pet lucky fish named “Kattappa” stolen from his house and he appoints a detective (Dindigul Saravanan) to retrieve the fish. Meanwhile, 3 local thieves come into Pandi’s house and decide to stay there till they find the money they came for. The stolen fish moves between places and ends up with Pandi and how it goes back to Vanjaram is the story. On paper, this could’ve been an interesting film but it’s the slow pace of narration that spoils it.

Sibiraj and Aishwarya Rajesh have come out attractive on-screen as a couple. Their initial love sequences are nicely shot. One of the thieves, Kaali Venkat‘s character spits out double-meaning dialogues for every breath which after a point makes you unbearable. “Hey Penne” song from the film has been playing on FM channels for a few months now, it has a good tune composed by Santhosh Dhayanidhi.

கட்டப்பாவ காணோம் (2017)

கட்டப்பாவ காணோம் (2017)

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