It was hard to watch Vijay Antony on screen without feeling sad about his recent tragic personal loss. However, he delivered a sensible crime thriller with director C S Amudhan, who is known for his Tamil Padam. While there have been many films made in Kollywood about the evil side of social media, none have highlighted the scope of the problem that is beyond average human comprehension. I liked the way the mystery gets unravelled; that alone made the film worth watching. I only wish the climax had been a little more satisfying. Despite this, I give Raththam a Ripe rating from mangoidiots.

Except for the chase inside the Police Commissioner’s office, there was little heroism from the main character that we are used to seeing done by ‘big’ brand heroes. The technology backend depicted in the film is believable and adds to the realism of the story. I was impressed with the quote made by the protagonist “The Killer and the Killed are both the victims”. The hero’s flashback was as cliche as you get, yet I liked it as it was brief. While Remya Nambeesan and Nandita Swetha have only supporting roles, Mahima Nambiar has taken advantage of the important role given to her and she has given an impressive performance.

Overall, Raththam was a good film.

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