Over the last few months I noticed tons of SPAM entries in the trackback lists in this blog. I realized it is better to switch off “Enable trackback service” in your dasBlog configuration:

But what about existing SPAM entries that are already present in the blog. I found it to be very tedious to delete every SPAM Trackback URL manually. That’s when I decided to have a tool written to address this issue. You can download this Free Open Source Application from here. Run the application and point it to your das-Blog content folder, it will read all the *.dayfeedback files and display all the unique domains in the Trackback URLs. Then in one go you can clean up all the *.dayfeedback XML files.

Trackback SPAM Cleaner - www.easytools.com

Trackback SPAM Cleaner – www.easytools.com


The Source Code (Visual Studio 2005 Project) can be downloaded from here. Please note the application is in Beta and no major code-audits and reviews have been done on that; so I strongly recommend you to take a backup of your content folder before using it. Download the application from here

Designing Windows Application UI with Visio: I had this application to be written by one of my team members in Vishwak. The Engineer understood the functionality and came back quickly with a working prototype. But the User Interface left much to be desired – it was a typical Geeky UI, it required me to select a check-box for each entry (I had to select 20,000 Checkboxes in a grid for the entries in my blog). So I decided to re-do it. I started writing the User Interface suggestions as a Word Document, that’s when I thought there should be a better way to do this. Though we have Visio extensively for UML, Flow-Chart, Network diagrams, DB Designs I haven’t personally used it for UI Design. I thought let me give it a try and picked up Visio 2007 and started doing the UI design with it, with the help of my Delivery Manager (Chandra) on Visio techniques I completed it in 20 minutes or so. The Engineer understood this instantly and the next day I had the application completed (Download the UI here in Visio format or in PDF format)

At the end, I felt good that I learned a new item (Visio for UI) today.

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