Tamizh Padam (2010) introduced the Tamil audience to parody genre. After eight years, Director C.S.Amudhan and Actor (Agila Ulaga Superstar) Shiva have brought the next version, Thamizh Padam 2 (2018), which is bolder and grander. The film spares no one, nonsensical items from Rajini to Sivakarthikeyan‘s films are made fun of, even the politicians from the ruling party are included.

The film starts with Shiva, the universal cop, called back to police duty to restore peace between communities at loggerheads – by holding a single Idli in his hand, Shiva brings lasting peace. Shiva is then tasked with nabbing the treaded criminal “P” played by Comedian Sathish, who appears in multiple avatars and has got the career-besting character. There are numerous tidbits throughout the film that was enjoyable – like the TV News channels that are covering Shiva’s adventures are not local ones but HBO and National Geographic; reminding Bahubali’s opening scene was Shiva’s grandmother carrying an adult Shiva above the flood waters in her single hand.

Kollywood continues to churn out ever stupid screenplays, especially with established heroes, Director Amudhan can keep making sequels forever and we will be more than happy to watch every one of them.

Overall a film that is a laughing riot.

தமிழ்ப்படம் 2.0

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