Sometimes you just want to watch a funny and romantic movie that will make you feel warm and loved. Love at First Sight (2023) on Netflix is just that movie. It’s a charming story about two strangers who fall in love on a trans-Atlantic flight. Haley Lu Richardson was adorable and friendly, and Ben Hardy was equally charming. They made a lovely couple, and their love story was a delight to watch. The film is also full of funny and heartwarming moments that will make you laugh and smile. The film gets a Ripe from mangoidiots.

Hadley, an American girl visiting London for his father’s second wedding, while Oliver, a British boy is returning to London for a family event. They both meet up at New York Airport and accidentally get seated next to each other. What better setting for a cute love story? I liked the character played by Jameela Jamil (from The Good Place) who plays the role of ‘fate’ and the narrator. It was also nice to see the city of London and its buildings as the backdrop for the scenes outside the flight cabin. Oliver was a statistics nerd and so was the narrator, and some of the data points they say (not sure whether they were true) were funny and added a different vibe.

Though there were a few cinematic character definitions in both their families, there was no exaggerated drama that made it hard for you to watch. Unlike most romcoms here the pair went for a deeper connection than for physical attraction, which made us feel for the characters and root for them. The ending was satisfying and worthwhile.

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