This time while travelling within the USA, I selected to fly with Southwest Airlines. Most other airlines, especially in the USA, are using the Oil price rise as a good excuse to cut all the “services” they are offering to customers and deteriorating in every aspect. Southwest seems to be using this great risk as a clear opportunity to differentiate itself as a provider of great service. You might ask what great service, I could list the following:

  1. On time arrival and departure
  2. Courteous Staffs
  3. Accommodating change request whether it is to prepone a flight at the gates or with no fees postpone your ticket online even for the lowest fare
  4. Wide choice of beverages on board – Starbucks Coffee, Tea, Soft Drinks & Juices
  5. Quick arrival of bags
  6. Affordable fares and no charge for two check-in bags (In one sector Alaska charged me $25 for the second bag)
  7. Finally, few tables in every gate with 110V Power sockets to charge your laptops/accessories and USB Power sockets to charge your iPods and phones.

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