For over sixty-three years, the Tamil newspaper Daily Thanthi has been running a comic strip called Kanni Theevu. If you make a movie for 2023 inspired by such a comic strip you will get Maaveeran. Sivakarthikeyan was a perfect fit for the titular role a combination of innocence, comedy and the ability to do impressive action sequences. Though the film should’ve been a lot shorter than it was, the good screenplay that was contemporary and engaging gets it a Ripe from Mangoidiots.

The first half was a laughing riot, with Yogi Babu as a small-time contractor delivering comedy that works. Compared to that, the second half was tiresome. The music by Bharath Sankar was good. Almost the entire story happens in a state government housing board apartment complex, which was visualised well.

Vijay Sethupathi has acted through his voice for an important role, and he effortlessly impresses us. Next to that was Director Mysskin as the protagonist, who gets few dialogues but dominates the screen with simply his presence in the frame. Veteran actress Saritha comes in the familiar character of the hero’s mother. Aditi Shankar has got a limited role which she has done well. Monisha Blessy as hero’s sister leaves her mark.

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