Featuring a talented actor like Prabhu Deva and half a dozen actresses can’t save a poorly thought and shabbily made film like Bagheera (2023). For a thriller film, why should so much hatred, insults and abusive words against women everywhere be passed? The misogynistic comments featured throughout the film can’t be justified by a flimsy motive and a disgusting climax. I have no hesitancy to give a Rotten mangoidiots rating for the film.

The dialogues were outright vulgar, even by adult comedy measures. A young lady’s mother is casually talking about her daughter booking an overnight room, and a group of fathers of girls are boosting how many boys were cheated on by their daughters. Even after this, there were countless places where the words uttered have been silenced by the censors.

The story was a hodgepodge of Anniyan (2005), Ghanini (2005), serial killing films and gory scenes. The police department of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka have been shown as incapable and clueless. The seniormost officer of Tamil Nadu police barges into the war room and badmouths the investigating officer, yes you got it right, he too freely uses misogynistic comments.

Overall, a thriller film that is best avoided.

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