For a movie about the onscreen clash of two popular Kollywood heroes Vishal and Arya, Enemy (2021) was unremarkable. It starts with two young boys, neighbours, going to the same school and playing together but grow up to be diagonally opposite personalities in life. Available on Sony Liv, it gets a Raw.

Chozhan (played by Vishal), is a smart and talented young man, son of a single father who runs a grocery store in Little India in Singapore. While his loving father, a stereotypical character played by Thambi Ramaiah, wants Chozhan to lead a normal life, Chozhan takes up causes of common good for the community and fights for it using his brawn and his wits. As expected, Rajiv (played by Arya) turns out to be the bad guy, a contract killer of international repute. Why the two clash and who triumphs is the story.

Karunakaran who comes as Vishal‘s friend, tries his best to lighten up the dull screenplay but fails. Mirnalini Ravi comes as the love interest of Vishal, and gets a forgettable characterlike her earlier two films, MGR Magan (2021) and Jango (2021), she fails to impress in this one too. My friend Shan Karuppusamy of Nota (2018) and Thangam fame has co-authored the dialogues, which were straight and brief.

In a story that happens mostly in Singapore’s Little India, none of the characters speaks Singapore slang. The plot to murder India’s cabinet minister was amateurish. Enemy suffers from the absence of details and fine-tuning by Director Anand Shankar and his team.

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