The King’s Man (2021) is the third instalment of the fictitious British spy organization and is the prequel to Kingsman (2014) and Kingsman 2 (2017). The story happens around World War I and the events that led to the formation of the secret organization that saves the world. Unlike the first movie, this one was routine and lacked any of the humour that made it popular. The film gets my Raw rating.

Ralph Fiennes comes as Duke of Oxford and the founder of King’s Man, he has done his role well. As Polly Watkins, the maid to the Duke of Oxford and a trained fighter, Gemma Arterton has given a memorable performance. The villain’s identity is kept a secret till the end and when it gets revealed it felt anti-climactic.

Overall, The King’s Man (2021) indicates it is likely to be the last of this franchise.

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