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Spoiled Brats (2021)

Spoiled Brats (Pourris gâtés 2021), a French comedy is a film that is as simple as it gets. It is about a millionaire in Monaco pretending to be penniless so that he can teach his three children the value of money and the importance of working. The city-state looks stunning in the visuals. This was a feel-good film that was predictable yet entertaining and I liked it. Available on Netflix, it gets my Raw rating.

Philippe Bartek (Artus), Alexandre Bartek (Louka Meliava) & Stella Bartek (Camille Lou) are the three children of a super-rich single dad Francis Bartek (Gerard Jugnot). The eldest, Philippe is a gourmet and comes with useless business ideas (like pre-wearing and walking around to make new leather shoes soft for the buyer) which have no chance of succeeding other than helping his friends to sponge money from him. Next, Alexandre is a womanizer and has no notable work skills. Stella, the last, is engaged to a fraud who is only interesting in her money. Seeing the three being spoiled and behaving badly Francis is worried. He enacts an elaborate scheme to pretend that he has lost all his money and the police are behind him. The family go into hiding in their ancestor old house in the countryside. With their credit cards and bank accounts frozen, no cash on hand, the three are forced to find jobs to feed themselves. Does this reform them?

Making the ordinary movie stand out are the four lead actors who have done their roles well, the straightforward screenplay helps too.

Pourris gâtés (2021)
Pourris gâtés (2021)

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