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The Map of Tiny Perfect Things (2021)

How to make a teenage romance between a boy and a girl living in a small town in America interesting? You bring in a twist. The Map of Tiny Perfect Things (2021) that premiered today in Amazon Prime Video does this by introducing a time loop that keeps the same-day repeat over and over but only for the two. I liked the film but given the plot and good casting, it could’ve been a lot better.

Mark (Kyle Allen) is a 17-year old who is studying science, but wishes to do art school finds himself waking up to the same day, with exactly the same set of events happening over and over. Other than him, no one else remembers anything from the previous (or should we say the same) day. Luckily, he meets a girl Margaret (Kathryn Newton) who is going through the same issue. Did they get together and did they come out of the time loop is the story.

Since the two have witnessed many times the same happenings of the day, they become perfect in anticipating and handling it. The way Mark makes his breakfast or catches the cup falling from the table or saving a girl from falling into the pool, there was elegance in the movements – fine choreography. Both the leads actors have done their roles well, they make us feel sad for them, for the impossible situation they are in. I like movies that feature small-towns and this one too has its appeal. Other than a couple of dialogues there is little science-fiction in the film, it is mostly a romantic-comedy in a good way.

Kathryn Newton as Margaret and Kyle Allen as Mark
Kathryn Newton as Margaret and Kyle Allen as Mark

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