In the 1990s and 2000s, tech start up founders from India advertised their belief in American values through their marketing material, website and interviews. They copied the iconic companies like GE, IBM & Google on how to run their companies, treated their employees, evaluated them, build the office space and so on. American business schools’ methodologies were followed to the dot.

In the last two years, I see founders on social media are eager to proclaim their Indianness (or Tamilness or Socialness, etc). The Americanness has taken a back seat. Is this to stand out from the crowd or to communicate their authenticity or something else I am missing?

My honest question is whether the exhibition of Indianness (or being native), does it result in winning clients from western countries, primarily the USA, which is where Indian Tech companies (product or services) are earning bulk of their revenues.

On the idea to localize the businesses to India, where majority of the tech companies’ employees are, I am not sure.  Companies need to be cognizant and adapt to the culture of their clients and the markets they are serving, that is 101 in business. May be a balance is the answer. What do you think? Let us keep the conversation going.

Do these (fads) really work in impressing clients, investors and talent? Share with me in the comments below.

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