In the Aisles (2018) is a German film (In den Gängen) that’s about the life of three people working in a large supermarket’s night shift. There are few films that literally transport you to the place where the story is happening, In the Aisles is one of them. Half-way into the film, you feel you are one of the coworkers in the supermarket working hard everyday, such was the intensity of the cinematography and narration.

Christian (Franz Rogowski) is a new joiner at a big-box retailer, his work is to restock the aisles of the beverages section. He gets assigned to Bruno (Peter Kurth), the section supervisor, who takes him under his wings, teaches him the ropes and gets him trained to operate the forklift: we see so much of this machine being operated, that we start to admire on what a fine piece of engineering this machine is, we feel this is to be centre piece of every supermarket! During his shifts, Christian takes a liking for a co-worker Marion (Sandra Hüller) who has a secret behind her.

There are few dialogues and no romance sequences, still you could understand what the characters are going through, you are able to anticipate what’s coming next and how the characters are going to develop and that was a weakness for the film.  Enjoy this film at Kanopy, where it is streaming now.

In the Aisles (German: In den Gängen)

In the Aisles (German: In den Gängen)

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