Spy Intervention (2020) is a comedy spy film, that was pointless & goofy; if you tolerate that, then the film can be a bit entertaining. I can’t say the film to be a thriller, as there was no mystery anywhere.

Corey Gage (Drew Van Acker) is a spy working for an unknown Government secret agency and along with his buddy, Smuts is on the chase for a weapons dealer. In one occasion, he meets a pretty lady Pam Grayson (), falls in love for her, resigns his job and settles down as a family man. That’s when Smuts and others do an “Intervention” to convince Corey to return, and, this creates chaos in both Corey’s professional and personal life.

Poppy Delevingne as Pam impresses us with her looks and acting. Drew Van Acker fits the role of a talented spy, and, a caring husband. There were moments of funniness, like when Pam keeps talking about and preparing to host “Dinner Parties” in the future – Corey wonders and keeps asking “What Dinner Party?”, Pam replies “Oh, we are going to have lots of Dinner Parties”.

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