Android Kunjappan Version 5.25 was an engaging film that you shouldn’t miss. It is about a Robot named “Android Kunjappan” that is tested to take care of an octogenarian Mr Bhaskara Poduval. Unlike what you will expect to see the Robot to be just a gimmick, here it was central to the screenplay and the team has produced a convincing visualization.

Mr Bhaskaran played brilliantly by Suraj Venjaramoodu, is a conservative old man who has lived a simple life in a small town on his own terms. When his grown-up son, an engineer, Subrajmannyan (played by Soubin Shahir) takes up a job in a robot building Japanese company in Russia, he is worried, in his absence on who will take care of Mr Bhaskaran. So when his company builds a robot nurse to take care of old people, Subrajmannyan volunteers and brings one for Mr Bhaskaran. Bhaskaran was notorious in sending away after a few days every nurse who comes to work in his house, so his start with the robot was rough. As the days go by, how the relationship between Bhaskaran and Kunjappan changes is the story.

The film by Director Ratheesh Balakrishnan Poduval benefits from having a perfect casting for all the main roles, even the half-Malayalee half-Japanese female lead Hitomi (played by Kendy Zirdo) suits the role exactly. Apart from the story around the robot, there are quite a few sub-plots including a younger romance and a crush for Mr Bhaskaran. The characters playing the handful of town dwellers who live nearby, add up the spice in the screenplay. Dialogues were sharp and witty in most places.

Available on Amazon Prime Video.

Android Kunjappan Version 5.25 (2019)

Android Kunjappan Version 5.25 (2019)

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