Klaus is a 2019 Spanish animated Christmas comedy-drama film
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Klaus (2019)

The greatness of folktale or mythology is in the variety of its retelling, varying across the culture, language or region. Klaus (2019), an animation film from Spain is a reimagination of the famous legend of Santa Claus, about how it all started? The tradition of kids writing letters to the big fat grandpa in the red suit, who then delivers gifts to children around the world.

Klaus (who becomes Santa Claus later) is a retired carpenter living alone, outside an unruly village in Smeerensburg on a remote island. To that chaotic village, comes a postman Jesper, who hails from a wealthy family. Jesper’s father has expelled him there, with a condition that he needs to deliver 6000 letters or else he risks losing all his inheritance. Grudgingly Jesper comes to the village to find everyone there fighting with each other, there was a complete absence of love or friendship in the place and hatred all around. From there, how the two (Jasper & Klaus) unwittingly change the village is the story and the start of magic of Klaus.

This movie was not about the computer graphics or story, both of which were good, but was about the simplicity and emotions associated with Christmas. A good one to watch with your kids.

Klaus (2019)
Klaus (2019)

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