Ahead of this holiday season, we have Coco (2017), the new animation film from Pixar. Like all previous Pixar films, it has an underlying emotional background. The story is about a 12-year-old boy Miguel, living in Mexico, who has an inherent talent for music. However, his grandmother prevents him from following his heart – Miguel’s great-great-grandmother had banned all forms of music in her life and her descendants – her husband, a talented musician had abandoned the family for playing music to the world. Miguel’s desire is so pure, that he gets transported to the “Land of the Dead” – a Mexican version of the afterworld – he meets his great-great-grandmother and eventually his great-great-grandfather, the world-renowned musician. Did he manage to get their blessings for his passion for is the rest of the story? There were a lot of superb visuals, great music and unexpected twists.

There were a bit too many skeletons everywhere in the “Land of the Dead” for my taste, otherwise, Coco was a fun movie – kids love the film. A smashing way to welcome the new year.

Coco (2017)

Coco (2017)

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