This show’s premise was intriguing to me: A multi-racial couple, an Indian parent living nearby, the drama of raising three young kids, and a female protagonist who is working in a video game design studio. I started watching I Feel Bad (TV Series) with expectations, but it became staler and staler with each passing episode, and I stopped with the ninth episode of season one. Unsurprisingly this show was not renewed for another season.

Emet (Sarayu Blue) is an Indian American wants to have it all, her loving husband David (Paul Adelstein) supporting her unconditionally and her parents helping her to raise her kids. There was plenty of day-to-day family comedy that happens in the show between the four adult characters and Emet’s office colleagues.

How to balance an important client investment meeting and your daughter’s theatre rehearsal? Working in the video game industry which objectifies female characters, how do you serve as an example to young girls? Knowing well your son is not the academic type, how do you console him for not making it to the honour roles? How to indicate to your parents that they need to give you space? 

Like the above, each episode starts with a good plot, unfortunately, the screenplay doesn’t run with it well, keeps wandering with sloppy incidents, sad jokes and tiring characters. Other than Emet’s character and her mother’s, none of the other characters was well-built. In an attempt to show them as nerds, Emet’s male colleagues are cast as buffoons. Even Emet’s husband David comes as a sidekick to her with no real personality defined for him. The kids do a better job, but they were given limited scope.

(From left, the adults): Sarayu Blue, Brian George, Paul Adelstein and Madhur Jaffrey

(From left, the adults): Sarayu Blue, Brian George, Paul Adelstein and Madhur Jaffrey

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