Jiivi (2019)

ஜீவி (2019)

Jiivi (2019) starring Vetri and Karunakaran is a familiar story of a theft wanting to be executed perfectly. What makes the film stand out, and, capable of attracting a full house on a working day matinee show, that too after five days of release are it’s down to earth style of narration and the relatable characters.

Saravanan (Vetri) is a youngster is from a farmer family in a village near Madurai, who comes to work in Chennai, where he befriends Manikandan (Karunakaran). An opportunity falls in their lap to rob of jewellery from their house owner. Did they do it? Did they get caught? Find the answer on the big screen.

The movie had a running time of only 113 minutes, anything longer, it would’ve been a drag. There is a bit of romance and a lot of sentiments, both of which compel Saravanan and Manikandan to do what they did.

The Mangoidiots rating for the film is Raw! Had the police officer character and house owner’s uncle character been cast powerfully, the film would be getting a Ripe rating. Still, I will recommend you to watch the film.

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  1. R.Karthij

    This film looks interesting but for the hero. Had the hero been selected from more prominent ones it could have become commercial hit. My choice of the lead vould have been Ajmal or Sasikumar or Vimal in that order.

    Choose your pick from the three above in your comment

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