A remarkable film at every level!

It is now over a hundred years from the time the first world war ended and 1917 (2019 film) is a fitting tribute to the brave men who fought in the war. The story is based on one told to Director Sam Mendes by his paternal grandfather Alfred Mendes.

The film covers the happenings over a day in German-occupied France. Two young soldiers Blake and Schofield of the British army are ordered by their General to deliver an important message that can save the lives of 1600 men including the brother of Blake, who are about to start an offensive against the retreating Germans. The challenge is to swiftly cross on foot through the enemy lines and do it with no backup. Their journey starts off easily, only to become darker and darker. We see hundreds of corpses of men from both sides lying in all states of decomposition.

George MacKay as Schofield and Dean-Charles Chapman as Blake have brought to life, two young men filled with dreams and fears who have to fight a deadly war in a foreign land. A major portion of the story happens in the trenches of British or the German army and the filmmakers have us transported there-we are able to feel the intensity and the heat.

Don’t miss this one and it is running in theatres now!

1917 (2019 film)

1917 (2019 film)

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