Gurkha (2019) starring Yogi Babu is a comedy film with an engaging story that you can enjoy if you switch off your logical brain, which I did, and I laughed along with rest of the audience in many places.

Yogi Babu is a security guard in a big shopping mall, he falls in love (one-sided) with an American lady consulate officer. One evening terrorists enter the mall and take the officer and others in the mall as hostages for ransom. How Yogi saves them all is narrated in a completely humorous fashion. What I liked in the film is that Yogi doesn’t show any heroism, he plays his usual funny self. Director Sam Anton has actually taken the effort of coming up with a story which is unheard in Kollywood for this genre in recent times.

If you want to relax and come out laughing for stupidity, check out Gurkha (2019).

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