Jyothika in Raatchasi (ராட்சசி), is an optimistic story of fighting against odds to improve a public school and thereby the lives of the poor students studying there. This film follows the recent trend of strong woman protagonist stories, Director Sy. Gowthamraj deserves credit for that and Jyothika has done a good job of portraying her role – there was little of her over-zealous acting that she is known for.

When Geetharani (Jyothika) joins as the headmaster of a government school in a little town, the school was in an awful state – poorly trained teachers, disinterested students, pathetic infrastructure and a bad reputation in the neighbouring villages. Systemically she goes about fixing every area of the school ecosystem in her own bold and untiring way. Yes, she faces political and vested interest interferences, instead of these occupying most of the story, they are among the many hurdles Geetha crosses.

I liked that the entire film happening inside the school compound. There are NO elaborate flashbacks or distractions from elsewhere. A scene where the antagonist (played by Hareesh Peradi), the owner of a private school nearby,  berating the traitor from Geetha’s school that he is NOT blood-thirsty was memorable. You can easily identify with many of the characters in the film, especially the father to Geetha’s character impressed me. Overall, an optimistic story for tough times we live in.

Update: Available on Amazon India Prime Video.

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