Thumbaa (2019) is an all-out film for the kids, a genre that has become rare in Tamil cinema and for that, you need to appreciate the makers of the film – if you are seeing this with your children you will thoroughly enjoy Director Harish Ram‘s debut film – otherwise, you will find it dull and difficult to sit through. For the former reason, it manages to get the Mangoidiots rating of “Raw” (2/4)!

The entire story happens around the forest areas of Topslip Tiger Reserve near Pollachi, Tamil Nadu. It is about how three city-dwellers who visit the area get caught in a Tiger kidnapping scam. A story that could’ve been told vividly, unfortunately, due to an uninspiring screenplay, falls flat and remains there even in the climax.

தும்பா (2019) - கீர்த்தி பாண்டியன், தர்ஷன், தீனா. இயக்கம் ஹரிஷ் ராம், இசை - அனிருத்

தும்பா (2019) – கீர்த்தி பாண்டியன், தர்ஷன், தீனா. இயக்கம் ஹரிஷ் ராம், இசை – அனிருத்

You see a mischievous monkey, a ferocious tiger, a family of elephants, a horde of wild buffalos and many insects – due to laws that prevent films from featuring actual animals, all are created by computer animation, which is a slippery slope if not done well – a fact that the producers of Rajinikanth‘s Kochadaiiyaan became painfully aware. Though Thumbaa is a low-budget film the team has managed it better and most of the animals that come on screen are lively.

The lead roles of the two painters played by Darshan and KPY Dheena, and, the wildlife photographer played by Keerthi Pandian (daughter of Oomai Vizhigal fame Arun Pandian) have been cast well. All the three are showing promise, and if they are lucky could achieve great heights in Kollywood. Jayam Ravi does a special appearance, and, thankfully was not shown to be the “hero” saving the day!

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