I Am Not an Easy Man (2018) is a French comedy with an intriguing plot that could’ve been a lot of fun, but was just average.

The story is about a man who has sexist views on women and ogles at every passing girl on street suddenly finds himself in an alternate world where the roles between men and women are reversed – a matriarchal society where its the female who court the male. Unable to find his role in such a world, he finds solace with a famous and powerful lady author, unfortunately, the relationship turns bumpier.

With a powerful story like this one, the creativity of a director should’ve gone far and wide – instead, the contrast was minimal between our society and the alternate one that was shown. That made an otherwise a decent screenplay into something that just drags along.

Vincent Elbaz as Damien

Vincent Elbaz as Damien

Available on Netflix India

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