My new Mobile

After weeks of suffering with Benq P50 and several hours of deliberations over the phone models – I have finally bought my new phone. It is “Nokia 9300i” at Rs.28,000/- with standard Nokia India Warranty. This phone though a little heavy compared to normal Nokia Phones has got a perfect form factor. This is the first phone where I could do with ease a meaningful SMS or a full email.

Nokia 9300i Smartphone

The phone has everything you wish for:
1) Qwerty keyboard inside and in outside a regular Nokia Mobile Numerical keypad – best of both worlds
2) Excellent full colour interface
3) Connectivity – GPRS, Edge, Wi-Fi
4) Great battery live even while using Edge browsing (or) Wi-Fi
5) Full XHTML/HTML Browser with JavaScript & Cookies support
6) POP3/SMTP/IMAP4 Email Support
7) MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint compatible Applications / Adobe Acrobat Reader

This is also the only Nokia phone for me that got recognized at first instance (just after installation of CD and connecting the USB cable) and the built in software synchronized all emails/contacts/tasks/notes from Outlook with ease.

There are only two things I miss in this phone – One it doesn’t run Windows Mobile OS and two is a Camera. I guess I can live without both b’cos I am getting everything else!

I am also happy to be buying a Nokia phone last week, as it coincided with Nokia opening its first factory in India in Sriperumbudur (which is where I studied my graduate degree at SVCE ) near Chennai.