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Simba (2019)

சிம்பா (2019) has got many innovative things but fails to be engaging in any way. Director Arvind Sridhar should be appreciated for attempting an anthropomorphic dark comedy that is unfamiliar to the Tamil audience.

It has Bharath Niwas starring as Mahesh, a young man living alone and Premgi Amaren, who comes as a pet dog. To break the boredom, Mahesh takes to cannabis, which he grows himself in his house. He generally keeps to himself and doesn’t interact with anyone else in his workplace or near his house. One day, a beautiful lady from next door by the name of Madhu (played by Bhanu Sri Mehra ) asks for his help to pet sit her dog “Simba”, strangely a special bond of friendship forms between Mahesh and Simba.

The film begins with an old man falling from a high rise building, and this scene was shot brilliantly. This is followed by Dope Anthem by Vishal Chandrashekhar reminds us of the tunes of the 1950s. When Mahesh narrates his flashback, we see AR (augmented reality) visuals of an Aeroplane crash that was nicely executed. Bharath who appears throughout in a drowsy state has done the role of a habitual stoner very well. But it is Premgi who has given his career-best in this film – if there is one reason to put up with this film it will be his acting – his body language as a dog was remarkable.

If only the film was supported by a strong screenplay it would have been a transformative film in Kollywood.

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