As readers of this blog know I have quite a few electronics gadgets. As soon as you connect more than one gadget to your TV, with the miles of wires running everywhere, the whole area starts to resemble a mini powerhouse. It is the same in my son’s room with the XBOX and DTH Set-top boxes connected to the TV there. Recently I saw this item called “Tidy Up Wire Bin” that is basically a plastic box with a lid and two slots on either side for you to feed in and out as many wires as you. Costing about ₹600 it was the best gadget purchase in recent times.

The bin has enough place to house a 4 sockets extension board too.


  1. Though having the cables in the box is a good idea , not so for the extension boxes. They have to be in open as they tend to get heated on usage and heat dissipation is reqd. Since this is kid’s room aswell he may be using the game gadget for long hrs too. Suggest to keep the junction box outside for safety.

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