OtherLife (2017) is an Australian science fiction directed by Ben C. Lucas. The plot is about a virtual reality that’s created by using chemicals that mimic biochemicals in the brain to create memories which are indistinguishable from real ones, the founder of the company Ren Amari is secretly trying the technology to cure her brother who is in a deep coma due to an accident, Ren’s business partner Sam has different plan for the technology which pushes the ethical boundaries and is opposed by Ren. What happens between the two and did Ren make her breakthrough, is what the film’s all about.

To simulate an alternate reality, the idea to use chemicals instead of displays and electric impulses was new. If you have watched Black Mirror (TV Series) and The Inception (2010), OtherLife will be familiar as it feels like a cross between the two, yet I found it to be an interesting watch. There are many close-ups of people’s eyes as the chemical is administered as eye drops, and Australian Actress Jessica De Gouw with her aqua-green eyes comes out dazzling in the scenes. The story is all about Ren’s character, and Jessica De Gouw carries the whole film and runs with it single-handedly. As expected in most of these Alternate Reality Sci-Fi films there are two twists which have been handled well.

Jessica De Gouw as Ren Amari

Jessica De Gouw as Ren Amari

Otherlife is available on Netflix India.

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