Movie Review

The Inception (2010)

When it got released Inception (2010) was a much talked about film by Christopher Nolan. Dom Cobb (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) a professional thief using a secret defence technology does assignments where he gets people to sleep and then joining them in their sleep by infiltrating their subconscious. It’s not about how it’s done but about what happens if you do it. In the world shown in the film, this technique is used to steal secrets from a victims mind.

Dom gets a corporate espionage assignment to plant an idea to the heir apparent of a conglomerate from their business rival. Planting an idea in the subconscious of the victim is called Inception, a near impossible task even for dream stealers and requires the infiltrator to get into multi layer dreams. Dom is an expert in this area of dream within a dream going to N levels; with the help of powerful sedatives Dom’s team makes the dreams to be stable to facilitate this multi layer dreams.

What makes the story interesting is the constant intrusion into Dom’s dreams by his late wife, how the team succeeds in their assignment is rest of the story. A compelling watch and great story telling by Christopher Nolan, this is a film that will stay in your thinking for a long time after you’ve watched it.