I am a fan of British TV Series Black Mirror, a kind of Science Fiction that highlights the unintended bad consequences of futuristic technologies. While Season 1 and Season 2 were primarily about technologies that are at least a few decades away, Season 3 which starts off a bit dull with first few episodes ends on terrifying possibilities shown in the last two episodes.

Episode 5Men Against Fire” shows the unimaginable power that may be available for Governments of future which are intended on mass genocides, tools that will make holocaust look tame.

Episode 6Hated in the Nation” felt the scariest because the technology needed for that can be put together today. It shows how automated drone bees can be turned to be killing machines powered by unsuspecting social media users. Government officials around the world who want to see backdoors put inside encryption technologies must be made to watch this episode.

Other episodes in the season were noteworthy too. “Nosedrive” episode shows what happens when the entire society depends on how to conduct their lives based on people’s social media scores. The best was “San Junipero“, an afterlife virtual world accessible while you live and then after, Mackenzie Davis of Halt n Catch Fire fame has delivered an impressive performance in the episode along with Gugu Mbatha-Raw

San Junipero – the beach resort town

Season 3 is available as part of Netflix subscription in India & other countries. I suppose a trial subscription will allow you to watch it as well. The writers of the series have to be appreciated for their brilliant imagination and grasp of technologies.

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