This seems to be the season of phone tapping in Kollywood, earlier it was Spyder (2017) and now it is Thiruttu Payale 2. While Spyder was about an “honest” action hero, TP2 is about an “honest(ly) corrupt” hero played by Bobby Simha. Tamil film heroes normally get portrayed to be whiter than white in their character, that way to see shades of grey in Bobby Simha‘s role as Selvam feels to be a good change.

The story is about Balki (played by Prasanna), a brilliant computer hacker and womaniser who befriends housewives for his advantage – serving as the link from the original Thiruttu Payale (2006).  It is 2017, so Balki befriends Agalya (Amala Paul), wife of Selvam over Facebook. Agalya is a smart lady, so a casual friend request is not what this is. Balki is shown to take a lot of effort for building his profile to develop the friendship – good job here by writer and director Susi Ganeshan.

Songs by Vidyasagar became a hit before the release, and they have been picturised well too. Bobby Simha has done his role – to show mixed emotions – well. More than him, it is Prasanna who steals the show – he exhibits a different persona unseen in his previous films and sports an attractive body to go with the character. Kudos to him.  I liked the unfolding of events, especially the way Balki’s character keeps Selvam, a resourceful Police Officer at bay – this is despite Selvam knowing everything still he couldn’t hurt Balki in any way till the very end.

Few scenes felt unnecessarily long and some events were unclear  – a bit more care in the screenplay would’ve helped in addressing this. This attention to detail is clearly an area Hollywood Director’s score handsomely over Indian films.

Overall, Thiruttu Payale 2 gets a resounding thumbs-up – press the Like button without any hesitation.

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