Kodi (2016) is a Dhanush starrer in double action, a film that shows how politics can cause havoc in a family. For telling the message boldly, Director R.S.Durai has to be appreciated.

Karuna plays the role of a dedicated party worker, he is deaf and dumb but still works dedicated for respect towards his leader the president of Democratic party (ஜனநாயக கட்சி) played by S.A.Chandrasekhar; his wife’s role is played by Tamil cinema’s defacto mother to hero – Saranya Ponvannan.  The couple is blessed with twins, the elder one being named Kodi by S.A.Chandrasekhar, who instantly takes an interest to politics and speaking in political stages.  In a protest towards closure of a harmful mercury plant, Karunas sets himself ablaze and dies.

Between the rough and tough elder brother  (Kodi) and the soft spoken professor character (Anbu), Dhanush has shown good variation in body language and mannerisms. Due to his hard work, Kodi slowly grows up in the party and starts getting party posts. Trisha as Rudhra is the love interest of Kodi and just like Kodi, Rudhra is a fiery orator and dreams of making it big in her party; the Republican Party (குடியரசு கட்சி) headed by VijayakumarAnupama Parameswaran as Malathi is the pair for younger brother Anbu; her introductory scene is done nicely where she tries to sell ordinary eggs as organic village eggs by dipping the eggs in Tea decoction.

Later, both Kodi and Rudra get their respective party nomination for standing in local M.L.A. elections against each other. What happens next and how the lust and greed for power destroys families is Kodi. An action packed political rivalry story told interestingly; audience seems to be loving the movie. For me, the screenplay could’ve used some consistency and work. Otherwise it was a good watch.

Happy Deepavali to all.

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