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Tamara (2016)

Tamara (2016), a French comedy film that is about the growing up crush of a teenage girl by the same name. “Tamara” (aged 15) is living with her single mother, it is her first day in high school, and tough to adjust with new classmates – who makes fun of her for being “fat”, a fact she herself feels very conscious of. The hottest boy in the class called “Diego” sits next to Tamara and eventually they get into a relationship, then to fall out due to a misunderstanding. Did they get back is what the film is about? It gets told with a dose of comedy and realism, which made the film fun to watch. At 103 minutes, it was the correct running time for the story.

The actress (Héloïse Martin) who comes as Tamara is a good cast for the role, she is round & bubbly yet attractive.  The dynamics in the house of Tamara – with herself, her single mother, mother’s boyfriend, and, his young daughter gets shown nicely. The young girl steals our heart with her cute performance, especially when she helps Tamara to break the ice with Diego. Tamara’s mother is paranoid about her daughter going wrong ways, she installs a spy software to monitor every conversation of Tamara – her reaction when she gets to read an intimate message between Tamara and Diego was hilarious. I liked the scene where the mother and daughter bond together – talking, crying and share an ice-cream after they had broken up with their respective boyfriends. When Tamara’s father calls to chastise her for lying to him & sleeping with her boyfriend, she bursts out – listing all the moments in her life where she missed him – turning the conversation upset down.

Though Tamara has a common story and nothing new, it was easy-going and cheerful – I liked it.

Héloïse Martin as Tamara, and, Rayane Bensetti as Diego in Tamara (2016), a French film
Héloïse Martin as Tamara, and, Rayane Bensetti as Diego in Tamara (2016), a French film

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