Diya alias Karu (2018) is an interesting thriller, it is about an unborn child which after many years, takes revenge on the family members. The film was much anticipated by fans of Premam star Sai Pallavi, it is her first film in Tamil and she hasn’t disappointed them. The film is a pro-life one, that is, it campaigns against abortion – a topic that is nearly impossible to discuss without bringing in your religion and faith – a big applause to Director Vijay, for having handled the subject well. 

Though the film is kind of a ghost thriller, there are little gruesome scenes or scary sequences. The Director has focused on the overall plot, than on the semantics. The story revolves around the young lady who has lost her baby, any experienced actress would’ve over-delivered on the emotions, instead, Sai Pallavi, being relatively new has given a measured performance, which makes the film enjoyable.

Just like most other Ghost (or supernatural) films, this one too raises lots of questions, the first being why the girl foetus waits for five years before starting its revenge journey. The film could’ve been a lot more engaging, yet it just about manages to keep the audience entertained.

Sai Pallavi in Karu

Sai Pallavi in Karu

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