Early morning … Beep Beep from the phone – A message from Pravin Shekar, my friend, pops up, asking me whether I am free for lunch today at a newly opened restaurant near his office. I, being someone who doesn’t turn down trying out “new” food places, I said yes.

The place he invited me and a few other friends including my movie-viewing guru Gokul Santhanam was called Pumpkin tales in Bheemanna Garden Street, Alwarpet, Chennai.

(From Left) M.R.Baskar, Ananth Seshadri, Pravin Sekhar, Venkatarangan Thirumalai and Gokul Santhanam

(From left) Vegan Shepard’s Pie (Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Mushroom, Chickpeas), Berry Green smoothie and Mushroom Risotto (Arborio rice, Mushroom, roasted Pistachio).

The restaurant is a very recent (3 weeks) addition to Chennai’s food scene. The menu was simple but the choices were interesting. I found a few Vegetarian dishes. I was told by one of the founders of the place, that it has been started by 3 women, one of whom has been a chef in an established resort outside Chennai.

Maybe the company of friends and the conversation we had amongst us made it all good – but we enjoyed the place, the food and the ambience. Worth visiting.

The reason for the sudden love from my friends – was to celebrate!

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