I wish this be the last hollywood super-hero movie that I watch. Its not that I liked the movie that I want to remember it forever. I am talking here about “The Amazing Spider Man 2” movie that I watched today in Escape screens, Chennai with my son. My son loved the movie and I suppose that should be enough reason for me to be happy with the film.

First let me make it clear, coming out of the screen I am sad to see Gwen Stacy, Spiderman’s girlfriend from school getting killed in this sequel. Poor Spiderman.

I don’t understand why should all super-heros and evil creatures choose New York to be their home always. I understand its a Hollywood movie, so it has to be USA why not Los Angeles, San Francisco or Detroit or even Hawaii?. Even Kollywood (Tamil Films) chooses New York as in Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam. How many times can I be expected to bite my nails waiting for Time Square or the Met Life Clock tower (?) to be saved by the super hero. Thanks to Hollywood I have seen the view from top of Brooklyn bridge hundreds of times, can you please move the cameras to a different place. And by now everyone in the world who has access to clean water is aware that advanced research in Bio-Technology, Self-healing or Defence Armour is evil.

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