After all the controversies, this movie finally got released in Tamil Nadu last week. Considering the hype for the movie I thought tickets will be difficult to get, but a casual check online in the afternoon got me tickets to today’s evening show at Inox, Chennai. I read somewhere that the difference in the Tamil Nadu release was of few dialogues being muted and nothing substantial was lost other than a title card saying the story is entirely fiction.

Vishwaroopam (விஸ்வரூபம்) is a spy thriller written, directed, co-produced & lead role by Kamal Haasan. The story is about an Indian RAW agent who infiltrates into Afghan training camps before escaping to New York where he lives as a Kathak teacher waiting to bust a major terror plot there. This genre of cinema especially on Afghan Terrorism is new to Tamil audience and for that Kamal has to be appreciated. His performance at the beginning of the movie as a Kathak teacher is dazzling, the facial expressions are too good – you can watch the song Unai Kanatha Njan just for this & Shankar Mahadevan voice just melts into the picture.

The action scene where Kamal transforms from an innocent to a special agent is masterly & worth the replay it gets by default. New York is shown vividly, the Afghan camps/caves are brought to screen quite well (can be deduced as not real) & throughout the movie Soundtrack is world-class. Rahul Bose is one of my favourite actors and he plays the antagonist from Afghan in the movie, he has done a fine performance worth mentioning are the scenes where he fixes an artificial eye on right side, he asked the western doctor who is treating his wife to get out and in his measured walks after being wounded.

I was a bit disappointed that the innocent life of the Protagonist is not shown more, the story suddenly jumps into top gear. There is a lot of holes in logic, facts and history – but who cares when you have got good entertainment. A must watch Tamil movie in 2013.


To understand more on terrorism and fight against it you can see these two movies that I liked – The Hurt Locker, Paradise Now.

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