Trek near Oberoi Wildflower Hall,Kurfi (Shimla)

Trek near Oberoi Wildflower Hall, Kurfi (Shimla)

Last week while Holidaying at Oberoi Wildflower Hall, Kurfi (near Shimla) myself and son went for a nature trek into the nearby reserve forest. The resort is next to Shimla Reserve Forest Sanctuary which has woods of pine and cedar. As per our guide, the tall trees in the sanctuary were planted by the Britishers (who were ruling Indian subcontinent during Indian summers from Shimla) to serve as rain catchment areas. The short trek took us through Shimla Ridgeline at one point. It is interesting to note that the rainwater falling on the ridgeline and flowing on the west side it can (theoretically) drain into the Arabian Sea and water which flows on the east side can drain into the Bay of Bengal.

Pine cones near Shimla Reserve Forest Sanctuary

Pine cones near Shimla Reserve Forest Sanctuary

My son collected lot of pine cones that had fallen on the ground here. He was thrilled. Topping it, when we checked out the resort manager gifted my son a birds nest that they had found inside their property a few days back. It fell on me to carefully pack, bring it home and get a plastic see-through box for storing it.


Birds Nest

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