Apart from film festivals, I haven’t been to seeing back to back two films. Today I got a chance to do that, thanks to my friend Gokul S. First film was Maan Karate at Sangam Complex (Kilpauk), second film was Oru Kanniyum Moonu Kalavaanikalum at Devi Theatre. The last I went to Sangam theatre was probably 15 years back, so surprised to find it renovated and modern.


Starring TV fame Sivakarthikeyan and Kollywood sensation Hansika Motwani, the film “Maan Karate” (மான் கராத்தே) had generated quite a buzz before its release. The film which started with a bit of suspense when 5 youngsters while trekking in a forest encounter a sage who gives them a newspaper from future. Rest of the film turned out to be mediocre, a bit of comedy here and there is the only thing that saves it from being a disaster.

The hero “Peter” who pretends to be a boxer participates in professional boxing tournament and wins all the way to finals. I felt this to be insulting to professional boxers like India’s own Mary Kom who have devoted their whole life for the sport and it sets a wrong example to kids that you don’t need to practise just hope for luck and you will do great.  For all the kollywood masala in it too,  M Kumaran Son of Mahalakshmi shows the hero to be loving and devoting his whole life to the sport (Boxing). And why is that the opponent in this film too have to insult the heroine’s character, for the hero to get adrenaline rush to fight. Are we still living in Middle ages?. Director Thirukumaran please wake up to reality, audience can be treated to be gullible but not taken for ride.

If I can search for one good thing in the movie its Sivakarthikeyan’s performance. He has certainly improved and is poised for bigger roles in Tamil cinema. All the best.

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