I am unable to decide whether வந்தா ராஜாவாதான் வருவேன் (2019) was a spoof (on what?) or a failed comedy. Director Sundar C, is known for casting a large number of actors in his films, this one too has Silambarasan, Prabhu, Ramya Krishnan, Nassar, Radha Ravi, Robo Shankar, VTV Ganesh, Yogi Babu and Catherine Tresa, Megha Akash and many others. Unfortunately, due to a sloppy screenplay, none of them gets to leave an impression.

The story is elementary – Raghunathan is a multi-billionaire who has banished his daughter for marrying without his approval. After decades, he regrets and sends his grandson from Spain to India, to pacify and bring her back. While in India, the grandson pretends to be a driver to win the hearts of everyone in his aunt’s family – while doing that he falls in love with her daughter(s). Yes, you do have numerous fight scenes and villains.

The first half felt like a TV Serial, the second half felt like eating through a noodle. Though buffoonery, there were few comedy scenes that were laughable and that saves the film from being a total washout.

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